Joyeuses Fêtes!

L'hiver est là, les vacances sont ENFIN arrivées, je vais pouvoir dormir plus de 7h d'affilée, lire autre chose que mes cours et surtout remonter fêter Noël avec ma famille!
Je vais pouvoir être de nouveau un peu plus présente sur le blog, notamment avec le Cold Winter Challenge et d'autres surprises à venir!
Alors que vous soyez en vacances ou seulement en week-end pour Noël, je vous souhaite à tous de très bonnes fêtes. Reposez-vous, mangez (hm hm), lisez (beaucoup), riez (encore plus) et profitez bien de vos proches!


21 déc. 2016

[Lecture n°5] "Allegiant" - Veronica Roth

(VF: Divergente 3)

Written by Veronica Roth
Number of pages: 329 (on e-reader)
Publishing company: HarperCollins

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation - like a single choice - changed everything?
What if love and lovalty made you do things you never expected?


Started on December 15th
Ended on December 19th
Read in English (USA)

Right now, my heart is broken. Not because the book isn't good - it is actually freakin' good. My heart is completely crushed because it was so good I didn't see the end coming. Like, seriously? This book is full of suspens, romance, action. You don't know what will happen when you turn to the next page. I was 100% in the book, living the action with Tris and Tobias. I honestly cried my eyes out, and it hadn't happened, while reading a book, since the last Harry Potter (RIP Dobby...). This is an advice for those of you who have not read it yet: if you intend to read Allegiant, be brave!

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